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Dear Members,

As you can see, the newsletter has been expanded for this upcoming season. We will be able to bring you more news and announcements that may be of interest to you. This has also enabled us to have more space for the request for additional advertisementís.

If you, or know of someone who may want to place an ad, please leave a message on the Hot Line - 718.336.7343 and we will get back to you and answer any questions you may have. Hurry! Donít get shutout from what must be the best advertising value in town. Remember this is your newsletter and if there is something you would like to see Please, mail, email or call your concerns in to the hot line.

Please Support Our Advertisers

Underlined names are links to website

Brenmanís Meat Market

Steven Smith P.C.

VRC and Associates

Marine Park Funeral Home

Kevin Ryans

Marine Park Hardware

Doreen Greenwood

Moretti Bakery
Dr. Lawrence S. Carlton

Marinerís Inn

Dr. A Saul Greenberg. MD. F.A.C.C.

Marine Park Screen Printing dba T's Me

The Ability Center

Michael S. Reinhardt

Michael's Caterers and Pastry Shop

Floral Fantasy

Nagourney Dental Group

Humble Sweet Shop

Philip McDonald

In Performance Music Workshop

Randy S Adelson

Itty Bitty Adventures

Right Choice Pharmacy

Jack G. Carbonaro

Robo Sewer Service

European Wax Center

RX for Good Looks by Helaine

Jackie's Delicatessen

Saint Edmunds Prep

Johnís Hair Styling

Senator Marty J Golden

Joseph R Reisman & Associates

Smile Rejuvenators by Lawrence A. Langer, DDS

Baron Associates P.C.

Starlight Interiors Inc,

Lee & Kane, PC

A. Saul Greenberg M.D., F.A.C.C 

Marine Florist

Tracey Real-Estate